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Windsor House Construction (2012)



Windsor House is a 69-unit single room occupancy property located in Lawrence, MA. Owned and managed by Commonwealth Land Trust, Windsor House is home to formerly homeless and very low-income individuals who receive on-site case management services. 





In 2011, Commonwealth Land Trust was awarded a 1.6 million dollar grant to renovate Windsor House. Funding was generously provided by the Housing Innovation Fund (HIF), Housing Stabilization Fund (HSF), and Affordable Housing Trust Fund (AHTF). Construction began in late 2011 and commenced in 2012.


Enhancements include:


  • New windows and insulation
  • Renovated kitchens and bathrooms
  • Masonry repairs
  • Roof replacement
  • Extensive exterior work
  • Raised drop ceilings
  • New energy efficient lighting
  • Installation of energy efficient boilers, hot water tanks, and baseboards


Commonwealth Land Trust’s board, staff, and residents are thankful to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the City of Lawrence, and Wainwright Bank and Trust for helping to make these improvements possible. The Windsor House construction project has provided our formerly homeless residents with a more comfortable, modern, and environmentally friendly home.