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Volunteer Artists (2012)



Volunteers and interns are an integral part of Commonwealth Land Trust’s success in providing housing to vulnerable residents of Massachusetts. They serve in all of our locations, enhancing our operations and programs in countless ways. This is especially true in our communications department where volunteers have created logos, murals, videos, photo-audio projects, photographs, and writings supporting our agency.


Read below to learn more about the incredibly talented, creative individuals who are helping us to communicate our mission and programs.





Kevin MacNichol


Kevin MacNichol is an architect and graphic artist based in Boston. He graduated from Northeastern University and created CLT’s logo as well as the beautiful artistic renderings of our properties featured throughout our website.



Natasha Menn


Natasha Menn is a muralist and art teacher based in Philadelphia. Natasha attended Brandeis University and painted a scene of the AIDS Memorial Quilt that is featured on our HIV & Homelessness page (


You can visit her at





Ari Neiditz


Ari Neiditz attended Vassar College in New York where he studied film production and photography. Ari shadowed case management staff at CLT’s largest supportive housing program, Bowdoin Manor in Beacon Hill, and created “Bowdoin Stories,” a photo-audio project documenting three residents’ lives. He lives in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago where he continues to pursue photography in various forms.


You can visit him at





Chris Goff


Chris Goff is a freelance editor and videographer based in Boston. He graduated from Worcester State University and works primarily in television, serving both corporate and nonprofit clients. Chris volunteered at Commonwealth Land Trust from 2009-2012. He created the promotional video that appears on our home page as well as the individual videos featured throughout our site.


You can visit him at





The following photographers contributed pictures that are featured on CLT’s website, marketing materials, and social media.


  • Rachel Bolloit- Boston Housing Authority
  • Rachel Saudeck- Oberlin College
  • Jay Priyadarshian- Bowdoin College
  • Diane Simpson- Mass College of Art
  • Henry Heim- Bowdoin Manor Resident





The following students conducted research, contributed content, and helped to edit CLT’s website, marketing materials, and social media.


  • Nate Williams- Tufts University
  • Holden Sparacino- Northeastern University
  • Stephanie Atwood- Oberlin College
  • Marisa Leigh- Boston University
  • Tamara Keeney- Northeastern University
  • Julie Margolies- Tufts University
  • Jay Priyadarshian- Bowdoin College