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Over the years, Commonwealth Land Trust has provided affordable housing to thousands of homeless individuals and families. The following testimonials were provided by some of our residents and community partners. Continue reading to learn more about CLT’s impact in the Greater Boston community.



 Latin American Health Institute


“Latin American Health Institute Busqueda Housing Search program has collaborated with Commonwealth Land Trust for over a decade. In that time, they have helped over a hundred of our consumers. We know them to be as passionate and committed to provide housing to all as we are.”


Carmen Bonet

Busqueda Program Coordinator




 Community Servings


“For over 10 years, Community Servings has enjoyed partnering with Commonwealth Land Trust. While Commonwealth Land Trust’s mission is to provide affordable housing, they also strive to introduce programs that enhance their clients’ health and enrich their life skills. Community Servings is a not-for-profit food and nutrition organization providing services throughout Massachusetts to individuals and families living with critical and chronic illnesses, and we are pleased that Commonwealth Land Trust has referred their clients to our home-delivered meals program. In addition, our Nutrition Services staff has worked with Commonwealth Land Trust to bring nutrition education services to their clients. Community Servings is very proud to collaborate with Commonwealth Land Trust in providing food and nutrition services to our neighbors in need.”


Eileen Harrington

Associate Director of Programs




 Women Connecting Affecting Change


“We have worked with Commonwealth Land Trust for several years and have successfully placed one of our homeless clients in the low income housing program. She has been living there for approximately two years and it has changed her life. She is healthier and is able keep her appointments. Having a place to call home is what everyone should have and we truly appreciate Commonwealth Land Trust.”


Malkia Kendricks, MSW





 Span, Inc.


“We’ve successfully worked with Commonwealth Land Trust to place recently released ex-offenders in several of their properties. They understand the needs of our client population and have assisted them in the stabilization process.”


Debby Cooper

HIV Program Manager, Case Management & Housing




 Commonwealth Land Trust Resident


“When I got out of prison, I felt lost with nowhere to go. I didn’t know anybody in Lawrence that could help me out. Then, I came to Windsor House on New Year’s Eve and met the supportive housing staff. They made an exception and moved me in that day. They provided me with blankets, dishes, a TV, and most importantly a roof over my head and people who care for me. The staff here has become my family. My case manager helped me reunite with my lost daughter that I hadn’t seen in over 12 years.”


Efrain S.




 Commonwealth Land Trust Resident


“I feel blessed to be a resident at Commonwealth Land Trust. I moved in last summer and right away it felt like home. I love the staff. The supportive housing manager has been a big help for me and all of the other residents. The case management staff also does a wonderful job. I love attending the coffee hour on Fridays. I am grateful that we have a community room where we can sit and get to know each other. I love the community here.”


Paula C.




 Commonwealth Land Trust Resident


“I have been living at Bowdoin Manor since 1990, having moved here at a time when I was homeless. Because I don’t drive, I am enormously grateful that I am able to live on Beacon Hill, a location that makes it easy for me to get around on the T. I love my room and the on-site staff is excellent. They are considerate, attentive, and responsive.  CLT’s supportive housing manager, in particular, is a class act. Some people can handle paperwork, but they can’t handle people, and some people can handle people, but they can’t stand paperwork. Teresa Perry can do both. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. People are people, and they matter, and Teresa knows this.


Thank you for what you do. Thank you for being here. Thank you for providing me with a nice place to live in the city of Boston.”


Patricia H.




 Commonwealth Land Trust Resident


“Commonwealth Land Trust staff helps people to take small steps and approach change gradually. They have helped me with my vision, opportunity, and goals. Take the initiative and desire for change. Keep the focus. They listen at least 60% of the time and talk only 40% of the time. While living here, I’ve improved my interpersonal skills, time management, and stress management. All in all, I feel appreciated and understood.”


Rome M.




 Commonwealth Land Trust Resident


“I’m from the south with no family in the New England area. My supportive housing manager and case manager not only provided me with a comfortable place to stay, but a feeling of belonging, concern (genuine), and care. What a wonderful feeling!”


Kenneth W.