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Wilberto Soto

Wilberto Soto

Supportive Housing Manager

Wil started employment at CLT at the end of Summer 2022 (July 25th to be exact). However, he has been in the housing field for over 18 years, starting work at the local PHA while he was a program participant. Then the housing “bug” hit him, and he loved the field, made it his career. Seasoned but always learning more every day.

Wil appreciates working with the population CLT serves, coming in to work, learning and making a difference in our resident’s lives. He truly admires the hard work & continued team effort that Property Management & Case Management provide, not only to residents, but also the general public.

​Wil is also an avid Salsa dancer/instructor, having started after dealing with a personal issue & looking for something to keep my mind focused & positive. He fell in love with Salsa, immersing himself in the World of Dance, and love that he can make people happy on the dance floor. He is the only son (and male) in his immediate family, growing up and being raised by his mother & having all sisters, 5 of them to be exact. He also likes to make people laugh & smile, making jokes or telling funny stories while reliving the moment.