Please note that coverage for the property is shared between 2-3 live-in staff. For example, if 3 live-in staff are assigned to a location, each will work approximately 2  evenings M-F and every 3rd weekend. Shift scheduling is done with the input of other live-in staff and the case management team.


► Be present at, or within 5 minutes commuting distance, from the building during assigned on-call times, typically evenings/nights 6PM-8AM (including holidays), and on weekends (6PM Friday-BAM Monday)

► During assigned shifts, walk through entire building(s) a minimum three (3) times each evening (6PM, 9PM & 11PM), as well as three (3) times during the day on weekends/holidays (10AM, 1PM & 3PM) to talk to resident(s) about observed rule violations and resolve issues such as:

• unauthorized guests

• propped-open, unlocked, unalarmed entrance/exit and /unit doors

• loose trash (indoors or out)

• blocked hallways, doors or egress areas

• unclean conditions, including bathrooms & kitchens

• other health & safety concerns

• excessive noise, open unit doors

• inappropriate resident behavior

► Keep daily log of all events that occur on shift, and list any disturbance(s) or issue(s) affecting residents, staff and property

► Submit work orders or incident reports as appropriate

► Complete Overnight/Weekend Coverage Checklist for each walk-through (list any disturbance(s) or issue(s) effecting residents, staff and property)

► Meet with police, fire and emergency personnel when necessary and contact them in case of emergencies

► At some locations, janitorial duties, locking of kitchens and laundries during the 11PM walk­ though, and occasional review of security camera footage may also be required

► Distribute notices/mail as needed

► Remove trash to sidewalk for pickup at designated times. Return empty barrels to storage area after pickup

► Keep sidewalk clear of trash, snow & ice on weekends/holidays and when maintenance staff are unavailable, per city regulations as instructed

Property must be staff member’s primary place ofresidence

► Observe and maintain discretion/confidentiality of residents, staff, and agency



► Ability to work comfortably with people of varying racial/ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, language and socio-economic differences

► Prior experience working with populations similar to those we serve, including the chronically homeless, people with HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C, people with histories of drug and alcohol addiction and people living with mental illness

► Patience and the ability to handle difficult situations, maintain good boundaries and set limits by being clear and firm without instigating or escalating conflict.

► Fluency in both Spanish and English – preferred