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Find Supportive Housing with CLT

Most of our housing is available to homeless, no income, very low income, and/or disabled individuals who require on-site case management services. About 15% of our supportive housing is reserved for people living with HIV/AIDS. We house people off the street using Housing First and Harm Reduction models to increase residents’ chances of success in our properties.  We also encourage people with arrest and conviction records to apply for our housing.  Previous evictions are not necessarily grounds for disqualification either.

Learn more about how CLT does housing search and check out CLT properties.

If you’re ready to begin housing search or take the next step of your housing journey…

Come to Intake Tuesday

CLT staff can assist with housing search, referrals, and other linkages to care. If no CLT apartments are available, we can still work with you to find housing.

Walk-ins are accepted from 10:00am to 2:00pm on Tuesdays at our main office
1059 Tremont Street, Suite 2
Roxbury Crossing (Boston), MA 02120
(at the corner of Tremont and Cunard Streets, on the first floor)

For more information on how CLT may be able to assist you, contact: 

Steve Wilkins, Director of Marketing and Outreach
(617) 445-4075, extension 208

Lynette Rivera, Supportive Housing & Outreach Navigation Program Manager
(617) 445-4075, extension

CLT will work with you throughout the housing process!

Even if you do not qualify for CLT’s housing or are not ready to move forward with an application, CLT will work with you. We can provide ongoing support to help you get documents or benefit applications together.