Commonwealth Land Trust (CLT) provides housing and on-site supportive services to over 650 of Massachusetts’ most vulnerable residents. Many of our supportive housing clients are battling physical disabilities, mental health challenges, addictions, HIV/AIDS, and histories of chronic homelessness. While each client enters our housing with unique challenges and goals, the overarching aim of CLT’s supportive housing program is to ensure that our residents remain in permanent housing and increase their self-sufficiency. Markers of self-sufficiency include: managing one’s health care needs, budgeting, and participating in enriching activities, such as volunteering, working, or pursuing education.


CLT’s holistic approach to service provision produces highly successful outcomes, as the vast majority of residents remain in permanent housing, increase their self-sufficiency, and overcome the challenges that led them to the streets.





  •   82% of SRO residents are formerly homeless; 95% remain in permanent housing
  •   92% of SRO resident are successfully managing their health; 90% are able to budget
  •   28% of SRO residents volunteer; 15% are employed; 10% are pursuing education
  •   34% of family housing residents are formerly homeless; 98% remain in permanent housing