Kevin MacNichol

Volunteer Artist


Kevin MacNichol is an architect based in Boston and a Northeastern University graduate. He created Commonwealth Land Trust’s logo as well as six artistic renderings of our properties. Kevin says of his time at CLT: “Working with the CLT team has been a wonderful personal challenge. The organization is inspiring not just in its ability to care for hundreds of people every day, but also in its vision of Boston as a city that rewards compassion with friendship.”

Putnam Investments Team

Volunteer Web Developers


In September of 2010, Commonwealth Land Trust partnered with Common Impact, an organization that matches nonprofits with highly skilled volunteers to complete capacity building projects. Common Impact helped facilitate the redesign of our website and matched us to a tech savvy team from Putnam Investments. Collin Sanders, Ian Moriarty, Pavel Sotskov, Mike Abbene, Jon Kaufman, and Phillip Camp built our beautiful new website, which has exceeded all of our expectations in terms of its layout, functionality, and sustainability.


Chris Goff

Volunteer Videographer


Chris Goff is a freelance editor and videographer based in Boston. He graduated from Worcester State University in 2009 and works primarily in television, serving both corporate and nonprofit clients. Chris volunteered at Commonwealth Land Trust from 2009-2012. He created the promotional video that appears on our home page as well as the individual videos featured throughout our site.


You can visit him at

Ari Neiditz

Volunteer Photojournalist


Ari Neiditz attended Vassar College in New York where he studied film production and photography. Since graduating in 2008, he has created a diverse body of photographic work, including Bowdoin Stories. Ari shadowed case management staff at CLT’s largest property, Bowdoin Manor in Beacon Hill, and created a photo-audio project documenting three residents’ lives. He now lives in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago where he continues to pursue photography in various forms.


You can visit him at

Diane Simpson

Commonwealth Corps Member


A former graphic designer and medical lab technician, Diane volunteered at Commonwealth Land Trust from 2009-2011. During her time at CLT, Diane made enormous contributions to our organization. She created a beautiful brochure for our volunteer program and represented CLT at local college fairs. She formed meaningful relationships with residents and organized dozens of events at our properties. In the spring of 2011, Diane collaborated with The Food Project in Dorchester to install garden beds behind two CLT properties and worked with a group of green-thumbed residents to maintain these spaces.

Dorothy Johnson

Commonwealth Corps Member


Dot has been volunteering at Commonwealth Land Trust since 2008. She runs a brown bag meal program for senior citizens living in CLT’s Lower Roxbury Apartments. In addition, Dot assists family housing residents in accessing outside resources, such as community events, after-school activities, fuel assistance, and food programs.

Minh Nguyen

Finance Intern


Minh is an international student from Vietnam. He graduated from UMass Boston with a degree in finance and aspires to become a finance manager after completing his MBA. Minh says of his experience at CLT: “The atmosphere is very positive. It is a family where everyone supports and learns from each other, so we can improve ourselves and society.”

Rachel Saudeck

Case Management & Photography Intern


Rachel Saudeck interned at CLT during the summer of 2010 and winter of 2012. A talented muralist and photographer, Rachel completed several artistic projects that continue to impress CLT residents and staff. Rachel says of her internship:  “Volunteering at CLT gave me the opportunity to do things I’m passionate about: interacting with people, completing community art projects, and being part of a nonprofit that is helping individuals and families in tangible, life-changing ways.”

Eliza Ziegler

Case Management Intern


Eliza Ziegler is a Tufts University student majoring in Economics and Public Health with a focus on food insecurity and housing issues. As a case management intern at Bowdoin Manor, CLT’s largest supportive housing property in Beacon Hill, her responsibilities include providing informal counseling, drafting quarterly newsletters, running a weekly coffee hour, and helping to facilitate building activities.

David Castiglioni

Senior Finance Volunteer


David Castiglioni served as a senior finance volunteer from 2010-2012. He graduated from Boston College with a degree in accounting, and worked as an accountant at an engineering company and two banking institutions. In his free time, David sings with his church choir and takes piano lessons.